Michelle Kim

Company founder

Thank you for visiting JMC Express.

JMC Express will respond quickly to the changing world where the world is transforming into one huge market based on direct offices in Seoul, New Jersey (NJ), Los Angeles (LA) and OR (OR) Savings is working to innovatively reduce logistics costs through the construction of water-dense networks and economies of scale.

Based on the management strategy such as market leader, customer intimacy, and operational efficiency, the company has become a world-leading logistics company as its corporate vision. It is expanding. JMC Express offers AMAZON and EBAY sales agents and FBA services. We have FEDEX ACCOUNT with the maximum discount rate. We are a proven company designated as KOTRA & AT It is a company that does everything.

In the future, JMC Express believes that the development of the logistics industry is not only the customer but also the national competitiveness. We will focus on improving the quality and expanding the network until the beginning of the world logistics company. I promise to do it together.

JMC Express CEO
Michelle Kim